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1 Samuel 15:1-29, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, Hebrews 12:25-28

standupagainstTruth: Doing things our way than God’s revealed will brings disaster. Going by what we think or what we want instead of what God says in His Word brings total defeat and troubles in our lives!!

Major signs of compromise in our lives:

  • Reject God’s word and follow our own way
  • Following yourself-will above God’s known will
  • Choose to live as we please even turn away from God’s purposes
  • Reject God and turn away from genuine relationship or fellowship
  • Never accept responsibility for lack of obedience
  • Acknowledge sin but never repent
  • Murmur against God, live and walk in disobedience
  • No fear of God in our hearts
  • Fear man more than we fear God
  • Reject God’s will and follow our way

God desires we operate from a position of knowing with total victory. This is the key to new spiritual dimension where we know God’s voice, hear God’s voice and obey for real results. Reaching this new point in our spiritual destiny for a new spiritual inheritance demands total devotion and a higher commitment to live for God each day. Continue reading

Nehemiah 1:1-10

Annoyed woman, stop itThe main reasons why many Christians are unconcerned include:

  • No passionate intimacy with God, no real relationship to hear from Him
  • Ignorance, no reality of God’s agenda-many messed up and confused
  • Lack of real faith in God, mental belief but never experienced the real work of God in our hearts
  • Dependence on man’s methods and self- sufficient in our terms; blinded spiritually
  • Ever living on past victory, past revelation and past testimony
  • Never thirsty, much for the head but our hearts empty
  • Mistaken maturity without real spiritual fruit
  • Absence of tears, things of God never affect us-many easily offended and ever ready to quit

Christianity is a life of relationship and fellowship. Following Christ means love and service expressed through social relations. True social relationship is Continue reading


Preaching the Bible without Christ

Luke 24.13-35, Mark 6.1-6, John 5.37-40, Judges 21.25

The truth is that one is not born-again to be Roman Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Lutheran, Episcopalian or Assembly of God! It is never in God’s heart to be liberal, conservative, evangelical, Pentecostal, charismatic, etc but be a child of God representing he Father’s business on the earth realm each day. John 1:12,Rom.8:14-17. With so many carnal ministers raising carnal ministries full of carnal members; ever seeking material wealth and power to ‘BOSS” over others, all the time never Continue reading

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Jesus went...teaching and preaching;behold the harvest is ripe but no WORKERS...



Pray for the Master to send forth into the fields. This is my motivating verse each day as I wake up,

"I represent the Kingdom and must do all that represents my God!!"