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For ministers, volunteers and facilitators willing to reach the ripe harvest in Africa and beyond. About 20% of the world population lives in Africa, which has a place in God’s endtime prophetic calendar. God is doing a new work and we must combine our callings, anointings, gifts, ministries, talents, expertise and resources for the great endtime harvest and revival in the African church. It is harvest time. It is revival time. Come, let us train, teach and equip for service and ministry.

 You can participate to reach Africa now in

-ministry networking
-training leaders
-economic empowerment
-medical camps/mobile clinics
-publications and social action
-mentorship of ministers
-church planting
-exchange of ministers
  a) food, clothings and medicine
  b) School uniforms, shoes and text books
  c) ministry tools e.g. bibles, books, DVDs, CDs, etc
-fellowship and intercession
-women in ministry
-youth in action
-blessed children
-education and health
-seminars and conferences
-short term mission trips


Long Term Goals

-provide ministry leadership and connect African ministers/churches
-coordinate individual and collective mission work
-foster harmony and fellowship, mentoring opportunities and increased participation of all willing.
-create opportunities to meet the changing needs and concern of the people
-enlist total participation of churches,ministries,mission organizations ,individuals  and other groups willing to solicit materials from within and without
-gather information, print and publish, put on radio, TV. and internet
-teamwork and making available resources
-facilitate more partnerships /support
-enlist ministers, sponsors and other participants
-raise funds for the on going work
-monitor and counsel  on all that God is doing