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I am a surrendered vessel in God’s hands. I will obey God no matter the cost and will serve as per his grace.


THE HARVEST IS RIPE AND WE HAVE TO GO…PEOPLE NEED HELP,THE WORLD IS CRYING FOR HOPE…GOD CAN USE ANYONE WILLING TO BE AVAILABLE FOR HIS USE: Since I was born again, I have served as Sunday School teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, Youth leader, Home Fellowship leader, Deacon and Intercessory leader.


 I got married in 1993 to Lucy Moraa and have been blessed with four children-Flavius, Theophilus, Shelton and Marvel, two boys and two girls. Our home as at now is in Nakuru, Kenya. I did work with the government of Kenya for 18 years until 2007. God has raised me with an Evangelistic Revival Ministry and has planned to fulfill His divine purposes in and through us in this final generation. I have a deep hunger to serve God and the church of our Lord Jesus Christ, to uplift the fallen and broken crying daily but helpless.


God wants to meet and reach His people. I believe God is raising the David, Gideon, Nehemiah and Daniel of the hour …..My vision is based on Matt.9:53-38, Jhn. 4:35-38 and Joel 2:28-30. I have said “yes” to the call and Iam willing to embrace it whatever the cost. God has timing and choice but rewards obedience and faithfulness.


We must refocus our attention and efforts upon completing all that God has called and annointed us to do. God has given me a special assignment to bring about the reality of the Pentecostal pattern. God is stirring people in many areas, who are reaching out for more of God and His presence. They want the reality of Christ manifest, evidence that indeed God is real. God is waiting to give without measure to each and everyone. He wants to bring us to a place of possibility, with no limitation to finish the work that Jesus began.


GOD has been using me in Kenya and sent me to Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Invitations for ministry are coming from Congo, India, Finland and wish to request for your partnership!! Africa, Asia, Europe and all nations are in my heart. Often God uses me in healing, deliverance and prophetic revelations; just to speak forth as the Spirit moves upon me and through me … I AM on my way of becoming all that God created me to be and being all I can be in God and for God.


It is more important to be intimate with God than to be prominent in ministry. I may not have money to leave behind, I may not have the fine and luxurious things of life to leave behind…but, I just want to leave behind someone committed to live for God, someone willing to surrender more fully to God and make God real to others.