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14 Goals

  1. Conduct schools of ministry for true Believers to reach their villages, communities, towns and Nations for Christ.
  2. Utilize people and resources provided by God for World evangelization and minimizing human suffering mostly in Africa.
  3. Prayer mobilization; train intercessors, build Prayer cells/centers to offer up prayer for Nations, the Church and Leaders.
  4. Effective discipleship.
  5. Train Church Leaders and Outreach teams.
  6. Provide balanced teaching of the Word.
  7. Train praise and worship teams.
  8. Ministry networking, facilitate and connect servant spiritual leaders.
  9. Mentorship of young Ministers.
  10. Support the unfortunate in society: orphans, destitute, rejected and forsaken, widows and single parents, the abandoned, the poor and the needy.
    • Provide good basic health care.
    • Provide basic education, food and shelter.
    • Provide living expenses and support in business.
    • Build Rescue /Rehabilitation centers.
  11. Start Christian Media
    • Print and production of Gospel literature to all by grace.
    • TV and Radio programs for the entire family and church.
    • Production and distribution of original ministry literature.
  12. Global Missions: An outreach to go into the unreached areas, mobilize natives and equip them to reap the harvest of souls through
    • Mass evangelistic crusades.
    • Planting new Churches.
    • Training National Ministers.
  13. Ministerial Fellowship: Gospel workers need one another in their spiritual battles, confirmation of God’s will and accountability. Transparency in our ministries must be upheld. Integrity must be restored in the pulpit!
  14. Link up and work with other ministries; support the five-fold ministry, foster unity in the Body of Christ