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 Harvest Global Mission is a Christian organization, registered in Kenya under the Societies Act; non profit and non political. We are located in Nakuru, about 160 km west of Nairobi. This Christian ministry was started in 2006 with the aim of reaching the ripe harvest in Africa; and also reach the slumbering church for Holy Spirit led revival. There is a big need to plant new churches, provide modern spiritual homes for those searching for true Christian fellowship and relationship with God, and other saints.




Nakuru has about 1.8 million people with majority, 75% living in the slums. Nakuru also is a prophetic city and we feel, we have a responsibility to cooperate with God so that His word may come to pass in this generation. About 65% of the total population lives in abject poverty, without reliable means of survival. It is one city in Kenya that is highly characterized with immoral behaviour-Kanu Street night prostitution, highly scourged HIV/AIDS epidemic-mostly Rhonda Estate; child negligence and abuse, high rate of single motherhood, without forgetting the devastating senseless tribal killings after the disputed last general elections.Orphans, widows and many youths have no hope unless, we choose to reach them with the gospel truth and love of God.


The poverty rate within the Body of Christ in most churches in Africa is very high; the majority of the memberships are the poor and less privileged ones who have zeal to serve God but are limited by lack and want. We desire to move forward in life and serve God effectively-hence the need to welcome friends and partnership. The challenges are very many: idolatry, poverty, tribalism, famine, corruption, apostasy, competition, unemployment,  illiteracy, insecurity, alcoholism, human diseases-malaria, typhoid , prostitution and increase of needy single mothers, divorce and abandoned aged parents. 


Harvest Global Mission is a local Kenyan ministry, headed by Rev.Ogendi Branham as the Founder and Director. The church is led by the senior pastor, elders, deacons and other departmental leaders. We are willing to sacrifice more and seek to increase the Christian body by preaching the true gospel through one to one, door to door and open air meetings/crusades. We shall continue to cooperate with other leaders of like faith; committed Christians and all the brethren who are ready to assist us in many ways which will enable us achieve our vision. All well-wishers are welcome to join hands with us in spreading the gospel to all before the age of grace closes.