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We welcome your assistance as we:

  • Start a feeding program for our people
  • Begin a scholarship fund for wise children to access education
  • Provide general care for the pastor’s family so that the work may continue without limitations
  • Raise funds for church plot
  • Procure evangelism instruments
  • Establish missions: our ministry has invitations to Uganda,Rwanda,Congo,Tanzania,India and Finland


We need support, we need urgent help to reach many within our community:
medical supplies, food supplies, scholarships for wise children from poor and needy families, outreach support, ministers’ support, sponsor community based projects e.g Medical Clinic or school for our children to access quality formal education, monthly support for pastor’s family, support short-term mission trips, provision of bible study materials, sponsor native evangelism and missionaries, provide bibles, work with native churches, train native ministers, laptop, digital camera/video camera.

I need to hear from you to know that you will stand with us through intensified daily prayers and through your faithful monthly financial support as God leads.

*This is the hour of divine purpose!*

We can do it together!

*Souls have to be reached whatever the cost!*

*Look, all over there are possibilities, opportunities and realities of bringing in a global harvest for Christ while there’s hope.
Let me hear from you .
God bless you.

Please send cashier’s check via Registered Mail to:

Rev.Ogendi Branham
P.O. Box  15612 NAKURU 20100,


***Make Checques Payable to:

” Harvest Global Mission”
(for Donations on Church Needs or Programs)
“Ogendi Branham”
(for Personal, Family or Mission Support)