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Come let us run together to the ripe harvest fields-Luke 10.2


Be a mission partner and see what God will do! Your love and partnership will help us focus on the work of Christ together.


Join in the great assignment of God Matt 9:35-38, Jn 34-38
Effective ministry and evangelism to touch lives
Hear the call “go into the whole world”
Obey and be faithful to Christ
Care about what is in God’s heart-souls, “none to perish”
Be a real messenger of Christ
Pray for people, workers and flow of funds
Sacrifice financially to expand the kingdom of God on earth
Being one in God’s eyes and work on earth
Prepare for God’s well done, Matt 25:23
Invest more to change lives through the true gospel of Jesus Christ
Nations are waiting, the harvest is NOW


…I am convinced that this is the time God is out to do a mighty work. We are a marked generation for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a new release of power and anointing to finish the work that Jesus Christ began. Look everywhere, people need healing, deliverance, restoration, reconciliation, regeneration …we must not lose sight of the mandate God has given us! We are responsible before God to be witnesses of the grace and truth of the Gospel to our generation. Alone, not one of us can possibly get the job done – but together we can be a force and  a voice for the kingdom. All of us together, doing our part, can get the job done. Now is the time to win souls, touch lives and be a blessing unto man.

I need to hear from you to know that you will stand with us.