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Ministry Principles

1. Character-God’s work of developing character in a leader is foundational as effective ministry flows out of the inner being.
2. Ministry-the nature of ministry is service first of all to the Lord, to the body and to the world.
3. Motivation-ministry must be motivated by love for those being ministered to and not by gain, duty or giftedness.
4. Sacrifice-effective ministry will require personal sacrifice.
5. Authority and submission-a leader must first learn submission to authority in order to exercise true spiritual authority.
6. Ultimate purpose-God must receive the glory in the life and work of a leader, and his ministry.
7. Dynamic balance-a leader must grow in and effectively use the tools of the word and prayer.
8. Faithfulness and capacity-faithfulness in ministry increases one’s capacity for ministry.
9. Spirit empowered-ministry must be equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit
10. Modeling-Jesus Christ is the only and true supreme   model for and in ministry.


Ministry Important Values

1. The Holy Spirit is the principal and true administrator of the church.
2. The spirit of God can accomplish more than the combined human efforts of sincere Christians and modern technology.
3. Relationships are essential .Relationship to God is our chief goal. Relationships with one another provide the bonding and accountability as the Spirit molds us each day.
4. Every believer has a special place in the body of Christ and it is vital that everyone be in their place. God builds the church and places people where they need to be.
5. People must be free to be themselves in God. Each person needs to be loved where they are spiritually.
6. There has to be room for improvement and personal growth with a risk taking attitude.
7. We take seriously the God-given vision to fulfill the Great Commission.
8. Constantly ground our ministry in the word of God for the prophetic revival and great harvest even as we look into the rapture.


Statement of Ministry Priorities

1. The word-we need to know and understand what the scriptures teach. The Bible provides the models and guidelines for our ministries and lives.
2. True worship-should be the reflection of who God is and our true love relationship to God.
3. Fellowship-provide a loving, supportive and healing environment through godly spiritual relationships based on love to all ages.
4. Training –we are to be training and equipping true believers for spiritual service.
5. Mobilizing-we are to be active in sending forth trained workers into the harvest fields, both within and abroad.
6. Prayer and intercession-regular prayer and spiritual warfare to be the back up for ministry and service. Strong intercessory groups to be trained and equipped for ministry.
7. Build-we are to focus on God’s purpose and plan for the body of Christ that is often beyond our limited understanding and personal interests-ambition.

Christianity is a life of relationship and fellowship. Following Christ means love and service expressed through social relations. True social relationship is found in the church. There is a visible and an invisible church. The invisible church is made up of true believers down through the centuries since Pentecost. The visible church is made up of various denominations on earth today.
Christians need the true fellowship of fellow believers-Heb. 10.25.The visible church is God’s family upon earth. Christians need one another. We need to gather together to worship God and participate in rendering to God a complete act of worship. We need to serve and in the church, you will find your place of service. Worship and service in the fellowship of other believers is our number one goal.
Jesus Christ himself founded the church-Mtt.16.18.He is the foundation of all Christian experience, and the church is founded upon Him. 1Cor.3.11 .Jesus is the Founder of the church; the Builder of the church, the church belongs to Him alone. While there is one universal church-the body of Christ, there can be several local churches .Upon receiving Christ as personal saviour, you become a member of the great invisible church. Part of the body of Christ and a member of the household of faith. Now you are to obey Christ and serve him through the local church in your community. Do not make a mistake of attaching yourself to a particular minister or   denomination rather than to the body of the church itself.