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Focus for 2014 and Beyond

Focus for 2014 and Beyond…

*Conduct monthly evangelistic crusades and weekly outreaches

*Produce and publish bible study materials

*Take care of the vulnerable groups and support youths

*Promote personal witnessing and open air meetings

*Preach the gospel to all and teach God’s true word

*Prayer mobilization and bible-based discipleship

*Train and commission gospel workers

*Cooperate and work with others to help minimize human suffering in our community

*Promote unity and teamwork through cooperation for more effectiveness

*Plant new spiritual churches

*Establish a revolving fund through voluntary contributions and donations from well wishers

*Sponsor free medical camps

*Mobilize active mass participation in native evangelism and community development


No ministry can function properly unless it is properly related to other ministries.None of the new testament ministries are complete within themselves. No true servant of God can function properly without others! God will never put us in a place we don’t need Him and others in His work. Each person has a place in God’s work and a job to fulfil in this life! Relationship and team work is God’s way. SOMETIMES our beginnings are not easy but God demands faithfulness and obedience while walking in love. 1 cor. 12.18-27, Rom. 12.3-18


We are crossing over to the fullness of new things; a time to advance and a season of transition but also a time of prophetic restoration for those who have served faithfully. we are a people of destiny and God wants us to finish well!! we must loosen from the past and old things into the new dimension of spiritual power and authority…let us position ourselves for the new fire and anointing God is releasing; the apostolic mantle, liberating worship, unlimited spiritual revelation and prayer anointing for total victory in every area of our lives.


We have entered a new day, the hour of divine fullness, fulfilment and establishment; divine order with new victories, new spiritual power and authority; new opportunities with new challenges…advancement of the kingdom with new repositioning, fresh fire and anointing for those who hunger and thirst for God!


As invitations have come from India, Finland, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa…I need someone to send me as God leads and enables you. 2012 is a prophetic time and as you send me to the ripe harvest fields, God will bless both of us; the one who send and the one who went for souls. Let me hear from you!


this GOSPEL of the kingdom shall be preached in all the WORLD for a WITNESS unto all nations!!


Jesus is still calling and empowering people  for ministry; sending to preach the kingdom and heal the sick. If Jesus saw the need of deliverance, freedom and healing in those days, how about NOW when the world population is over 7 billion? Can someone send or go?  The true gospel is still needed and people are sick everywhere…see Luke 9.1-6.
You can pray, go or give to send someone for the kingdom work!!


We need a strategic financial plan in the ongoing economic crisis.  While genuine leadership is very important, we know God has the answer and your kind participation is welcome. As the world sees the endless economic crisis, Christians, let us TEAM up and see God work through our true love actions of obedience. Brethren,money has no real value if not invested in reaching lost souls.

The crisis in Europe, the Americans in heavy debt and looking for a leader; the solution is God and our obedience is paramount.

We need true supporters and sponsors who see the real need of the hour!


While there is no leadership in most homes, churches and nations are crying; let our Captain Jesus Christ lead us in the final war for the perishing souls of humanity. While the nations of the world have no real leadership, true Christians need to wake up and finish the work Jesus begun. This year aim more determined to see the gospel preached with greater works (Jn .14.12-14) in all East Africa.
I can not be silent anymore. Africa is the HOPE for the prophetic end time church and together with you we can.
Pray and give generously, God will reward you, your children and grand children!!

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Africa Arise Outreach



Jesus went...teaching and preaching;behold the harvest is ripe but no WORKERS...



Pray for the Master to send forth into the fields. This is my motivating verse each day as I wake up,

"I represent the Kingdom and must do all that represents my God!!"