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Based in Nakuru City, Kenya

Nakuru is the headquarters of Nakuru District and Nakuru County-Rift Valley Province. It lies 160 km North West of Nairobi. It was founded in 1904 as a railway outpost. The city is situated between Menengai Crater to the North and Lake Nakuru National Park to the South. It is the fourth largest city after Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu.


The population is about 1.8 million with Nakuru Municipality being the most populated division. Most of the people in the division live in Kaptembwa, Langalanga, Mwariki and Rhonda; the second largest slum after Kibera in Nairobi. Nakuru is a water deficit area and the supply systems can only meet 50% of the water requirements .About 70% of the population live below the poverty line. Absolute poverty is estimated at 45% for the rural population and 42% for the urban population; food poverty is at 43% for the rural people and 25% for the urban population. The causes of poverty in Nakuru include: un-employment, landlessness, lack of water, insecurity, lack of basic services like health and education facilities, poor social services etc. Land and tribal crashes have also played a big role in the current  state of poverty by creating tension, insecurity, forced migrations, destruction of life and property; wasted time that could be otherwise directed towards productive economic activities. HIV/AIDS  pandemic has also contributed significantly to the high levels of poverty. Female-headed households are affected by poverty and poor access to credit facilities due to lack of collateral or social will. Poor women tend to have many children who end up receiving inadequate basic necessities including education.


Those living in single/ slums without electricity or water pay more in relation to their earnings. The price of food is skyrocketing due to inflation, depreciation of the Kenya currency and high taxation even bad wheather. The youth and women are the most affected by poverty as they do not have any capital to start any business. In many estates like Rhonda, people lack water, decent housing, toilets and much congestion as many people like a family of 10 persons living in one room; lack of education and health care facilities etc. Mwariki  (where our Pastor lives), has a problem of poor roads, lack of learning facilities, alcoholism, poor drainage systems often with open sewage running down the road, poor refuse disposal, constant harassment by wild animals from the near by  National park, much dust due to regular dry spells and violent winds, lack of health care facilities, etc


The setbacks of God’s work from the eyes of an intercessor include; tribalism and nepotism, apostasy, competition by hirelings, idolatry-sorcery and witchcraft etc. God is doing a NEW WORK with a new order and a new pattern.


Welcome to Nakuru for ministry and missions, the city God has chosen for

1-Endtime prophetic revival
2-Torch Bearer for Africa/ Kenya
3-Spiritual fountain for many to drink
4-Sender of missionaries, apostles and prophets to the nations
5-Healing and deliverance for all
6-Holy worship and divine utterance to the church
7-Heart of nations and prophetic voice for all

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Africa Arise Outreach



Jesus went...teaching and preaching;behold the harvest is ripe but no WORKERS...



Pray for the Master to send forth into the fields. This is my motivating verse each day as I wake up,

"I represent the Kingdom and must do all that represents my God!!"