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Voluntary service for suffering humanity; contributing to improving the quality of life in our community. Building bridges for the next generation! Our God given service to mankind and for the kingdom of God requires we dedicate our finances and; prayers to the welfare of the less fortunate to ease their pain hence help them live for God and contribute to sustain humanity on earth.

The Master Plan:

1. Humanitarian work

  • Assistance to the poor and needy
  • Finance and send out missionary teams
    1. food, clothing and shelter
    2. medical supplies
    3. spiritual teaching
    4. provide expertise in needy/special cases

2. Real and practical perspective on individuals, business, women and youths, communities even hopeless children.

3. Community development programmes

  • Building of schools, dispensaries and workshops.
  • Support Self-help land buying projects.
  • Provide adequate learning facilities in schools.
  • Establish Rescue /Rehabilitation Centers for the rejected, destitute, forsaken etc.
  • Feeding programme for poor families and destitute children.
    1. School sponsorship programme for wise children from poor families.
    2. Provide soft loans to women and youth groups to start income generating projects or expand the already existing ones e.g. dairy farming.
    3. Socio-economic projects for widows and widowers, orphans, single mothers and disabled to help them become self-reliant e.g. food selling, poultry farming etc.
    4. Train slum population on balanced diet to reduce malnutrion and improve life expectancy.
    5. Ensure optimum utilization of human resources for all purposes hence self –employment and more income.
    6. Design short-term skills upgrading and management courses.

4. Social welfare programmes

  • Construction of hostels, churches, dams, halls etc
  • Establish youth polytechnics.
  • Start Technical schools.
  • Sponsor basic education for vulnerable children.
  • Provide reading materials.
  • Sponsor free medical camps/Mobile clinics.
  • Run medical clinics and schools.

NB: We must stand for the weary and oppressed among us. With much knowledge and technological advancement, every individual and organization has a responsibility without which society starts to die!