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Preaching the Bible without Christ

Luke 24.13-35, Mark 6.1-6, John 5.37-40, Judges 21.25

The truth is that one is not born-again to be Roman Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Lutheran, Episcopalian or Assembly of God! It is never in God’s heart to be liberal, conservative, evangelical, Pentecostal, charismatic, etc but be a child of God representing he Father’s business on the earth realm each day. John 1:12,Rom.8:14-17. With so many carnal ministers raising carnal ministries full of carnal members; ever seeking material wealth and power to ‘BOSS” over others, all the time never ready to live for God through genuine relationship with the fire cleansing of the Holy Spirit; dangers abound! With more human methods and theories being presented for personal success and the accumulation of material wealth without the fear of God, today’s Christianity is empty talk about the Bible with no real spiritual results.


Many are busy preaching the Bible without preaching the living Jesus Christ. Today’s church is operating on the power of positions and titles than the genuine power of God. Majority of the leaders are pure promoters of lifeless religion and dead denominationalism, where their members have become captives of cheap publicity and the leaders slaves of large offerings, huge crowds and carnal ambitions. The compromise, imitation, competition, professionalism and search for popularity means we preach theory about Christ but not the living Christ who can transform lives. It is possible to preach the Bible without preaching Christ. The modern church has become a preaching center or Bible teaching station! The assembly of reading the Bible without real spiritual results week after week, months becoming years…something is not clear and we need to know. With churches everywhere, busy preachers on every street, TV stations, radios and the internet; this generation ought to demonstrate the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit.


When we overlook the author of the Bible, the Holy Spirit as the only reliable interpreter of the Bible, when we are not hearing from God in order to serve Him, when we are not obeying the Word but busy attending Bible study every week; spiritual fruit is not visible nor the power of God by the Holy Spirit manifest.


The following are signs that many are busy reading the Bible or preaching the Bible without the Holy Spirit at work in their lives or ministries:


* Developing own theological system and ready to defend it no matter the cost

* Using personal understanding without listening to others

* Standing with own ability to interpret the Bible

*Stuck on the ‘only the Bible speaks ‘syndrome

*Refuse fellowship with others, mostly sects and cults or ministers who are lone rangers

* Stick on denominational doctrines and practices as the only way of life

*Never willing to be corrected by experienced and mature seasoned ministers /christians

* Preach to exalt the mind over the heart-exalts knowledge accumulation over spiritual life experience

* Desire the relationship with the biblical God but fear intimacy with Him each day

* Relationship to a book not a living person-read and memorize without understanding or application in our lives or certain situations

* Dependent on self worthy and personal systems to attract people

* Academic study without passion for God or the real compassion of Christ-exalt education and intelligence over the deep formation of Christian character

* Misuse and abuse spiritual authority based on personal interpretation and profit

* Bible being god, never hearing the living God of the Bible

* Worship human intelligence and education –creative methods, stick to the original languages, historical background by the ‘smart ‘scholars hence using the Bible wrongly.

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